Joshua Tabansi
Product Designer

I teach entrepreneurs how to build products via guides, blog posts, and tools.

Currently a User Experience designer at EnterFive, where I help innovate through best practices and solution-focussed digital design.

Leading Courtier, a product design studio that helps small business and entrepreneurs make more money through strategy-based design.

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Some stuff I've prepared for you

Customer Interview Questions


I've put together some questions for you. Use these in your user interviews to figure out what to build for your users and how to market it.

Wangll, a Logbook for Teams


Wangll saves you the time and money lost in status meetings by giving your team mates the ability to see the status on all your organizations processes.

Customer Development Guide


I've had trouble finding structure for customer development. So after lots of trial and error I've prepared a simple guide to get you from zero to insight in a week or two.

I also run a weekly newsletter called “proverbs”, check it out.

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Need help with a project? Feel free to hit me up. I'm a great listener.

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